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How Much Freezer Space Do I Need for a Quarter Beef?

Trying to save money on your grocery bill by buying in bulk? Having a chest freezer is a great resource when it comes to buying in bulk and saving on your beef cost. But you don't always need a chest freezer. Since freezer sizes vary slightly, you might be able to still save money on a quarter beef without a fancy storage setup. A good rule of thumb is one cubic foot of freezer space for every 35-40 pounds of cut and wrapped meat. Allow slightly more space when the meat is packaged in odd shapes. Below are some general guidelines about how much space you may need to plan for when buying a whole cow.

Freezer Notes

A quarter beef will take up approximately 3.5 cu ft; Meaning that, with some planning, it can fit into most residential freezers.

How Much Beef Is a Quarter Beef?

A quarter beef will equal approximately 110 pounds of meat. Depending on your processing choices, 5%-50% of that will be ground beef. The other parts will be primal cuts (steaks, roasts, ribs, etc.).

How Many People Does a Quarter Beef Feed?

A quarter beef should feed one person for a year. The average adult can eat 3lbs of meat a week.  Remember, you may have some friends and family to entertain throughout the year also.

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